Ending hunger one school at a time

Together we can bring food security to Canadian children.

Food insecurity and hunger in Canada are a serious public health problem that affects 1 in 6 Canadian children. In 1989 the House of Commons passed a unanimous resolution to obliterate child poverty by the year 2000. Unfortunately since then nothing has been done and the poverty rate has climbed progressively.

As a result UNICEF rated Canada 37 out of 41 wealthy countries on access to nutritious food for children. Canada has FAILED to prioritize children’s health, well being and lifetime opportunities.

Billy Baldwin Endorses the Feed Charity Movement!

Ending hunger one school at a time, On Global TV

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What do other countries do?

Canada is one of the only developed countries without a national feeding program. UNICEF ranked Canada 37 out of 41 developed countries.

Canadian children have inequitable access to nutritious and balance food during school hours when compared to other wealthy countries.

What can we do?

Establish a nationwide food program so that all kids have equal access to daily nutritious breakfast and lunch without any stigma.

Create a prepaid lunch card system so that those who can afford, pay into the program, while those who cannot are subsidized.

Create 8,600 kitchens at an average cost of $20K for a total of $172M: raise $30M from the public and get a bi-partisan provincial and federal commitment to fund the rest

Case Study: Beth Rivkah Kitchen

“The way we treat our most vulnerable people is a signal of the kind of society we want and the kind of environment we want our children to grow up in.”

  • Laurel Rothman

“An inspiring woman took action by putting together a petition to get things done in Canada on the School Food Program. She represents the voice of Canadian children. It is with conviction and pride that I support her initiative.”

  • Daniel Germain, President and Founder of the Breakfast Club of Canada

“I am so pleased to have received a positive initial response from the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and that a message will go out today or on Monday to alert its members (150,000 teachers altogether) to the petition. Teachers are on the front lines and we are so grateful for this news.”

  • Leah Lipkowitz, founder FEED Charity

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